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OTP-060-S : Band Crimping Plier (Right)

Newly designed all stainless steel with tool steel inserts. Allows the operator to crimp and reform bands with ease and accuracy.



OTP-079-CH : Dry Heat Bite Stick Triangular Tip Only

Molded from a cream plastic base capable of being dry heat sterilized up to 375° also auto clavable and chemical sterilizable. The tips are all stainless steel with a serrated working area to ensure a positive grip. Available in triangular tip only. (5 3/4")


OTP-080 : Band Pusher (Style 300)

Made with finely serrated stainless steel points. Designed for effective control of band pushing, burnishing, and seating of bands. Specially treated serrations give a firm grip during use, and afford longer service.


OTP-081 : Eby Band Driver

Precisely constructed of stainless steel automatically seats bands quickly and efficiently. Featuring adjustable rotating tip for accessibility to all areas of the band.


OTP-083 : Johnson Band Forming Plier

Stainless Steel box joint plier for contouring and adapting bands.


OTP-083-T : Triplex Plier (Left)

Features of the Johnson bend former, Abell Ball and socket and a Band stretching plier instrument


OTP-088 : Crown Scissors Curved

Stainless steel smooth curved blade.


OTP-097 : Posterior Band Remover (#347 Style)

Advance design with hardened tool steel insert on lower beak allows easy band removal without stress on tooth or discomfort to patient. Diamond-honed edge will stay sharp for continuous, long service. Soft, replaceable cushion tip cover provides for patient comfort. All plastic tips are heat sterilizable.

OTP-097-T : Replacement Tips for 097 (6 per pack)


OTP-097-L : Posterior Band Remover (Short Beaks)

Designed with both upper and lower beaks being short in overall length for the doctor who prefers short beaks affording more leverage when removing bands. Diamond-honed edges

will stay sharp for continuous service. All plastic tips are heat sterilizable.

OTP-097-LT : Replacement Tips for 097-L (6 per pack)