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SINIUS. The new class in efficiency.

The compact, space-saving SINIUS treatment center streamlines your day-to-day practice workflow. The sliding-track delivery concept is unique within the
dental industry and allows the user to manually position the dentist’s element with only minimum effort. The intuitive EasyTouch user interface offers
unprecedented levels of convenience in this market segment.


Sliding track delivery concept

Sliding track delivery conceptUnique within the dental industry

The dentist’s element is easy to move, both backwards and forwards. It is swivelable, thus ensuring quick and easy access to the handpieces (also in the 12 o’clock position).

EasyTouch user interface

EasyTouch user interfaceState-of-the-art touchscreen technology

The EasyTouch user interface is intuitively understandable and streamlines your workflow. New functions can be integrated subsequently. A further benefit can be appreciated immediately: only those control functions are displayed that you need at any given stage in the treatment process.

The Sirona Ergonomics Program

The Sirona Ergonomics ProgramA healthy attitude

Intuitive sitting posture, comfortable patient positioning, optimum visibility. Dentists and patients benefit from the outstanding ergonomic features of the SINIUS treatment center.

The SINIUS hygiene concept

The SINIUS hygiene conceptDon’t leave hygiene to chance

Optimum hygiene with a minimum input of time and effort – thanks to the disinfection system with integrated sanitization adapters and the automatic hose purging function.

SINIUS product video


SINIUS product videoYour inspiration for greater efficiency: Enjoy the SINIUS experience in living color!

What could your practice really benefit from: more time, more maneuverability, more treatment flexibility or more freedom of choice? With the SINIUS treatment center you can have it all. Now take the opportunity to experience the new class in efficiency and be inspired!










The sliding track facilitates easy access to the chair for the patient – and makes your work simpler. In combination with the swiveling dentist’s element the sliding track provides optimum support for your treatment workflow.



The innovative EasyTouch user interface is the ‘cornerstone’ of the new high-efficiency SINIUS treatment center.

State-of-the-art touch screen technology provides the basis for integrating new user-friendly functions. The EasyTouch is simple to use from the outset. No prior knowledge is required.


The endodontic treatment function can be activated in just a few seconds and eliminates the need for a separate tabletop unit.

Special functions such as the file library are available at the touch of a button.

EasyTouch simulation


Comfortable for the patient and easy for you to adjust. Their curved design contributes to the elegant, high-quality appeal of the treatment center.

SINIUS armrests

22" monitor

The optimum patient counseling tool:
Full HD technology, 16: 9 aspect ratio, built-in loudspeakers, connections: HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and S-Video.

SiroCam AF

This high-resolution, USB-based camera is equipped with autofocus and generates excellent intraoral images.

SiroCam AF

Equipment options

 Individual configuration

You can put your Efficiency class together just as you wish it, and then systematically add to it later. That way, you only pay for what you need.


  • PRAYVIT M in the dentist element
  • 1 BL ISO S motor
  • LEDview S

  • Endodontic treatment function
  • ApexLocator
  • Endo 6:1 handpiece
  • Adapter BASIC (in combination with BL motor)
  • Upgrade to BL or BL ISO C motor (only in combination with the START package)

  • SPRAYVIT M in the dentist element
  • 1 Motor BL (BL ISO C at extra charge)
  • LEDview
  • Wireless foot control

  • 22" monitor
  • Freely selectable monitor position
  • SiroCam AF
  • Camera supply in the dentist or assistant element

  • SPRAYVIT M in the dentist and assistant element
  • 2 BL motors (BL ISO C at extra charge)
  • LEDview
  • Wireless foot control


Functional complement to basic equipment. Packages cannot be combined.


  • 1 working stool HUGO or CARL (Versions freely selectable)
  • 2nd dentist stool at a package price
  • Motor-driven headrest
  • Active lumbar support function
  • Thermo upholstery


All option packages can be combined with each other freely.

A healthy attitude that speaks in your favor. And in favor of SINIUS.

While you are taking care of your patients, SINIUS takes care of you. An intuitive sitting posture, comfortable patient positioning and optimum visibility combine to maximize your job satisfaction – even on long and busy days.

SINIUS. Sliding track delivery concept

The dentist’s element is easy to move, both backwards and forwards.

Sliding track delivery concept

Swivelable dentist’s element

Enhanced flexibility and ergonomics: the swivelable dentist’s element ensures quick and easy access to the handpieces (also in the 12 o’clock position).

Swivelable dentist’s element

Innovative wireless foot control

The EasyTouch functions can be activated via the foot control. The wireless foot control is freely positionable in the treatment room.

Versatile assistant’s element

The flexibly positionable assistant’s element offers ample freedom of movement. The increased operating radius also ensures added convenience for dentists who work on their own.

Versatile assistant’s element

Working stools


The smart dentist’s stool which ensures that you intuitively maintain a healthy sitting posture.


All-round comfort: the backrest rotates through 360° and serves either as an armrest or body support.

Comfortable patient positioning

Perfect adjustment of the treatment center

Flexible height adjustment, optimal working height with vertical mouth alignment.

Maximum lowering range SINIUS can be lowered to a height of 360 mm to make access easier for children and older patients.

Ideal support for the spineErgoMotion, backrest with lumbar support

To cater for individual anatomical factors the lumbar support can be adjusted to each patient.

High patient comfortGentle lift drive and innovative thermo upholstery

The special thermo upholstery prevents the build-up of heat in the area of the seat cushion and backrest. As a result the patient remains relaxed, even during prolonged treatment sessions.

Optimum visibility

Ideal illuminationLEDview, LED instrument light

The triple-jointed support arm ensures optimum illumination of the treatment site. Can be activated via the No-Touch sensor or EasyTouch console.

Flexible headrests

SINIUS Kopfstütze

Double articulating headrest

Adapts itself quickly to changing treatment situations and patients with different statures.

SINIUS Kopfstütze

Motor-driven headrest

Moves the patient’s head gently and effortlessly to the required treatment position.

Perfect intraoral images

SiroCam AF

The USB based camera with its auto focus and high resolution ensures high quality images of the patient's mouth.

Integrated Workflow

Intuitive operation

EasyTouch user interface with configurable operating concept

Integrated tabletop device functionsEndodontics, ApexLocator

Identifying the precise position of the root apex is quick, accurate and simple – thanks to the built-in ApexLocator.

Modern equipment

Innovative instruments, modern SIVISION patient communication system, USB and Ethernet interface

Perfect results

  • Clinically perfect
  • Esthetically perfect
  • Perfect for the success of your practice

Easier workflow, perfect results – with this goal, Sirona continuously develops its ergonomics program.






Optimum hygiene with a minimum input of time and effort – this is the declared aim of the comprehensive hygiene concept realized in the SINIUS treatment center and further evidence of Sirona’s strong commitment to customer service. Everything is geared to easy handling and the elimination of potential sources of contamination – for example, the built-in sanitization adapters, the smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and the removable components.


Built-in sanitization adapters
Integrierte Sanieradapter

The built-in adapters simplify and automate the sanitization process. If required, the hoses can be rinsed with water at the touch of a button – also during the treatment process. Chemical rinsing agents* can also be deployed (optional).

Abnehmbare Griffe an Arzt- und Assistenzelement

Removable handles on the dentist’s and assistant’s element

Abnehmbare Instrumentenablage an Arzt- und Assistenzelement

Removable handpiece holders on the dentist’s and assistant’s element

Reinigung der Saugschläuche

Cleaning of the suction hoses

Spülung zusätzlich mit Chemikalien möglich

Chemical rinsing agents* can also be deployed

* The relevant chemicals are listed in Sirona’s list of approved cleaning and disinfection product.

NEW! Hygiene is now also available as an iBook content


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