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DAC PROFESSIONAL. The professional class B vacuum autoclave.

Sirona’s DAC PROFESSIONAL is an autoclave which satisfies the most demanding medical requirements.

The DAC PROFESSIONAL is classified according to "Class B" of the EN 13060 European norm for small  sterilizers, and ensures complete steam
penetration of all items, also those  that are difficult to sterilize. You will achieve a better standard of hygiene in your practice and reduce the danger
of cross - contamination for patients. DAC PROFESSIONAL – The highest hygiene standard for your practice.

  • Sterilization results can be validated
  • Works test included for simplified initial validation
  • Short operating times, easy-to-use
  • Variable loading options
  • Documentation possible via printer or PC software


Safe, reliable sterilization and ideal drying.

For years, bacteriologists have been emphasizing the importance of autoclave drying, especially where wrapped instruments and textiles are concerned. The deep post-vacuum of DAC Professional is the ideal method for shortening drying times and complying with the stringent EN 13060 requirements. Utilizing additional sterilization parameter controls, DAC PROFESSIONAL offers the highest level of safety and should be an integral part of the basic equipment in every dental  practice.


Fractioned pre-vacuum

Fractioned pre-vacuum evacuates the tank repeatedly, alternating with an intermittent inflow of steam and, thus, ensuring the necessary, extremely effective removal of air, even from narrow-lumened instruments and porous sterilization items.

Post-vacuum for optimum drying

The deep post-vacuum of the DAC PROFESSIONAL is the ideal method for shortening and optimizing drying times.

Process control

You can document all program cycles either with the NITRAprint log printer or digitally with the NITRAflash CF card. DAC PROFESSIONAL
not only gives you perfectly prepared instruments, it also gives you legal certainty.

NITRAprint: log printer
NITRAprint: log printer

The printer records the following data:

  • Selected program
  • Date, time, current batch number
  • Actual vacuum, pressure and temperature values
  • Confirmation of successful program completion
  • Any impermissible deviations
NITRAflash card/PC documentation
NITRAflash card/PC documentation

Data are stored on the CF card and – via card reader – can be stored in or printed from a table calculation or word processing program.

The ideal tool for your practice

Sterilization done in minutes

In the quick program mode, unwrapped instruments are sterilized in just 15 minutes – including pre-vacuum and vacuum quick drying. This is why DAC PROFESSIONAL is one of the fastest autoclaves in its class on the market.

Operating time (without drying)
Drying time
  Warm start/load 0,5 kg Warm start/load 5 kg 2.400 W/230 V AC/approx. 9,1 A/50 ... 60 Hz
Universal program 22 min 30 min 20 min
Quick program B 20 min 28 min (1,5 kg single wrapping)
oder 5 kg (unwrapped)
10 min
Quick program S 13 min 15 min (unwrapped) 5 min
Gentle program 35 min 45 min 20 min
Prion program 36 min 45 min 20 min
Vacuum test - 18 min ( empty) -
Variable loading options

Large sterilizing volume and short sterilizing times

The DAC PROFESSIONAL spacesaver has room for up to 5 trays.

The DAC PROFESSIONAL spacesaver has room for up to 5 trays.

90° tray holder rotation allows loading of 3 standard cassette trays with lids.

90° tray holder rotation allows loading of 3 standard cassette trays with lids.

Always optimum water quality

The integrated water quality control ensures that only the best quality water is used for sterilization. This guarantees smooth operation and protects
your instruments.

By using our water treatment systems, you can extend the service life of your instruments and hygiene systems, as well as reduce repair costs.

By connecting to Sirona's water treatment system NitraDem Direct Connect, you have a fully automatic water supply. This saves you from manually
changing the water tank, thus guaranteeing an efficient hygiene process. And, if you connect your DAC PROFESSIONAL to a drainage system, the
water used is automatically disposed of.

NitraDem Direct Connect

NitraDem Direct Connect – direct water connection for maximum quality





  • Tray rack incl. 5 trays
  • tray holder

REF: 61 45 309

Accessories for DAC PROFESSIONAL

NITRAprint: log printer NITRAprint DAC PROFESSIONAL Printing paper 61 17 324
NITRAprint: log printer NITRAflash
CF card writer
61 34 394
NITRAprint: log printer NitraDem Direct Connect, incl. installation kit, NitraDem filter, control panel 62 59 852
NITRAprint: log printer


Water treatment unit for laboratories, medical and dental practices

58 86 168
59 48 554
NITRAprint: log printer

Plastic cassettes (6 pieces) in red, blue, green, yellow, white and pink for the organization, ultrasound-cleaning and sterilization of hand instruments.

  • Max. 10 instruments
  • Adjustable length (120–190 mm)
  • External dimensions 18.0 x 14.0 x 3.5 cm (L x W x H)
58 93 80
NITRAprint: log printer Bowie&Dick test set
For daily monitoring of vacuum sterilizers
58 92 034
NITRAprint: log printer Helix Test set
For batch monitoring and daily monitoring of Class B vacuum sterilizers

58 92 042

59 03 641

NITRAprint: log printer Chemical indicator

58 92 059


Main technical data

Electrical connection 2400 W/230 V AC/10.4 A/50 … 60 Hz/Australia 2100 W; 9.5 A
External dimensions (H x W x D) 48.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 59.5 cm
Sterilization chamber (Ø x depth) 25 x 35 cm
Weight (without load) 43 kg
Tank volume 17,6 l
Max. load quantity Instruments: 5 kg; Textiles: 1.8 kg
Reservoir (aqua dem/aqua dest) Fresh water: 5 liters (approx 7 cycles) ; Waste water: 3 liters




SIRODEM – cost-effective filling with purified water via hose connection