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XIOS XG Select



Intraoral sensors

Xios XG Select

Economical and Flexible


Multiple connection options,  sensor size and simple operation make Xios XG Select completely flexible and reliable, while the image quality optimally supports your diagnosis.

  • High return on investment
  • Good image quality
  • WiFi option for 360° Patient Access
  • Easy-to-change cable


Consistently high image quality

The Xios XG Select digital sensor consistently offers high image quality, without any loss due to scratches, and ensures both rapid and safe diagnosis at a low dose.

Image quality


Wall module for network operation

 The XIOS XG Select wall module solution offers you all the great perks of the tried and

tested sirona wall module for your practice:

  • Safey through displaying patient data, e.g., name, date of birth, card index number, tooth to be imaged
  • Sensor symbols show if a sensor is connected and ready for operation
  • The display indicates the system status using different colors
  • Simple operation with only twokeys, optional stand-by mode
  • Two sensors plugged in at the same time, two sensor holders for a clutter-free work enviroment











Easy-to-change cable   Comfort for patients and staff   Optional WiFi module







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