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XIOS XG Supreme


Intraoral sensors

Xios XG Supreme

The intraoral solution for every practice. 

With 33.3 lp/mm, CSI scintiallor and dynamic focus, the XIOS XG Supreme sensor offers you one thing above all: low-noise, optimum contrast and high-resolution x-ray images for your diagnosis within seconds. XIOS XG Supreme stands for modern intraoral x-rays the high level.

  • Outstanding image quality
  • The dynamic sharpening slider individually optimizes images
  • WiFi option for wireless image transmission
  • Easy-to-change cable

Best image quality

Outstanding image quality ensures detailed x-ray images. This allows for quick and reliable diagnoses.

Image quality




Individual image optimization with the software

0%   50%   100%

The dynamic sharpening slider gives you the right image quality for each treatment situation, right at the touch of a button.


XIOS XG Supreme sensors in the video


Three sensor size   Easy-to-change cable   Optional WiFi module

Sensor positioning





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