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T4 TURBINES. Basic price - Reliable quality.

The highspeed turbine of the T4 class convinces with its combination of an essential design and exceptional high power level of up to 17 watts. Regardless which treatment unit you use, with Midwest 4-hole and Borden 2-hole you have always the right choice.




T4 TURBINES – Basic price - Reliable quality



Technical data

 Type   T4 Racer Midwest   T4 Racer Borden
 Power (W)   Up to 17   Up to 17
 Head diameter (mm)                        Approx. 11.4         Approx. 11.4
 Head height (mm)   Approx. 14.5   Approx. 14.5
 Weight (g)   Approx. 43   Approx. 43
 Equipment    Ø 1.6 FG   Ø 1.6 FG
 Speed (rpm)   Approx. 400,000           Approx. 400,000