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INTEGO Ambidextrous 
Turning in perfection

  • Design for right-and left-handed dentists
  • Optimal ergonomics with  no compromises in treatment
  • Unique rotation mechanism
  • Masterpiece of flexibility                                                                                                                                           




Intego Ambidextrous action




Available versions and models    

Intego Ambidextrous Pro TS version with hanging hoses



Intego Ambidextrous Pro CS version with whip arms



Intego Ambidextrous Pro TS version with hanging hoses



Intego Ambidextrous Pro CS version with whip arms



Workflow in real-time

Intego Ambidextrous Pro (TS)

Intego Ambidextrous (CS)




Ergonomic Design






  For your team   For you   For your patients

With Intego Ambidextrous there is no need for special training, the process can be intuitively handled by your team.


No matter if you prefer to treat your patientsas a right- or left-handed practitioner, with Intego Ambidextrous you will be able to react optimally to your needs.



With Intego Ambidextrous you can concentrate on what’s really important: your patient and a perfect treatment result







Intelligent infection control

Intego Ambidextrous infection prevention concept is designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all infection control regulations while working with flexiblity and ergonomics all at once.




Intego Ambidextrous






Fresh water bottle

For controlled water quality. Can also be filled with Dentosept P. solution for permanent disinfection and manual sanitization.



Automatic suction hose cleaning

Cleaning adaptor for automatic flushing of saliva ejector and spray aspirator.




Smooth surfaces

The largely gap-free design of the surfaces ensures maximum infection control in the shortest time possible.


Intego Ambidextrous Pro






Integrated disinfection system

Permanent disinfection of all water lines with Dentosept P. Automatic sanitizing function for regular intensive disinfection. Can also be used as a self-contained water supply.


Integrated cleaning adapters

For automatic purging of instrument hoses (Autopurge) and sanitization of the water lines.



Chemical suction hose cleaning

Cleaning agent container for chemical flushing of the suction lines. The concentration of cleaning agents can be individually adjusted.




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