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  • CAD/CAM Materials.
  • LED-E
  • The inLab system
  • Master-Dent VPS Putty
  • Axiom®, the new dimension
  • Implanteo® LED motor for implantology and surgery
  • T2 LINE
  • Mont Blanc® surgery contra-angles and handpieces
  • elastomeris
  • Instruments The instruments of the T4 class are the entrance to the Sirona world. A clever combination of proven technology and engineering excellence for a cost-effective use.
  • INTEGO. Performance you can rely on. INTEGO is the best Treatment Center of its class. It is based on the innovative power and award-winning design of our existing treatment centers. As a reliable partner for an efficient practice, INTEGO has all the features that provide optimal support: ergonomic design for better workflows, high quality standards in processing and design, and a great value -- this
  • Treatment Centers Susanne Schmidinger, Szilárd Varga, Boris Göbel and Chris Neuschild